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About us

Minsk Open Joint Stock Company "Kryon" is specialized in the production of air separation products: oxygen, nitrogen and argon in liquid and gaseous state, as well as food, verification and technical gas mixtures.

Theconstruction of the company started in 1953. Its first line was put into operation as early as 1956. Since then, the reconstruction of old and commissioning of new facilities, improving the process, the use of new constructive solutions, which are  aimed at the modernization of the production and energy savings, have allowed to constantly increase volumes and expand the range of products.

  • Leader in cryogenic industry in the market of Belarus

    The only specialized enterprise-manufacturerof air separation products  in Belarus.

    Leader in cryogenic industry in the market of Belarus
  • experience of many years

    The building of the company began in 1953.Since then, the amount and the range of products is being increased constantly. 

    experience of many years
  • International standards

    The production corresponds to international standards(STB ISO 9001-2009, STB
    ISO 14001-2005, STB18001-2009).

    International standards
  • Product assurance

    The company has its own accredited laboratory.

    Product assurance
  • Maintenance and inspection of cylinders, cryogenic tanks

    The license of the Department of Supervision over Safety of Works in
    Industry of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus.

    Maintenance and inspection of cylinders, cryogenic tanks
  • own transport The own automotive and railway park for delivery.
    own transport
development prospects
The program of development of JSC "Kryon" is aimed at finding new markets for products of the enterprise to ensure smooth operation and efficient production load.
One of the main challenges facing the enterprise is planned for 2017 commissioning of the complex to provide the JSC "Kryon" by energy. Creation of its own generating sources will provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the energy component in the cost of production, which will enable the company to increase the competitiveness of the price factor in traditional and emerging markets.

In parallel, work on reconstruction of the existing storage of liquid cryogenic products is being conducted. The construction of a cylindrical vault with a flat bottom for liquid oxygen V = 800 m3 with a vacuum collector had been planned as well as the reconstruction of the existing storage of liquid oxygen (SCC-360 / 0.07) and nitrogen (MR-400 / 0.07),the construction of storage and gasification of liquid argon (MCC 25 / 16-400). The upgraded system will allow the storage to ensure uninterrupted supply of air separation products, even at full stop ASE, as well as significantly will reduce evaporation losses.
Also a project to create a network of filling stations across the territory of Belarus for the filling of cylinders, and provides customers with gaseous products of air separation by pipeline is being implemented. The project will make the products of "Kryon" available in all regions of the Republic.

A number of projects are being implemented at the moment. The equipment to recharge carbon dioxide fire extinguishers was purchased,the park of motor vessels is being renewed and so on.

The development of "Kryon" never stands still. The experienced team of specialists in the field of cryogenic technologies is constantly developing and implementing new and effective projects. The professionalism and the persistence in achieving goals allow JSC "Kryon" to occupy a leading position in the production of air separation products in the Republic of Belarusfor many years.